About Me

My name is Kolleen Conger and I’ve been riding my whole life and racing for much of it as well.

In October of 2008 I cased a 90ft. double and completely shattered my Tibia and Fibula at my ankle joint in BOTH my legs.

The next 4 years brought on nothing but surgery after surgery and very little riding. I finally decided after I realized that the pain wasnt going to get any easier, that I would have my Left Ankle Fused. Thinking this would be the end of the story the pain grew worse with every waking moment in my right limb. I literally did EVERYthing i felt I could do…cadaver bone graft, bone graft using my own bone, metal put in, and metal taken out. After going through so much and developing RSD, a type of nerve disease in both of my lower limbs/feet, i decided my best option was amputation.

Fast forward to May 26 2013, amputation id done and I’m feeling, not the pain and remorse you’d think I would, but I’m feeling utterly RELIEVED!! In fact, they cant hold me down in the recovery room! I knew there was a tough road ahead, but i felt like the majority of the struggle was behind me….Turned out i had about another 2 to 3 year battle with proper fitment and body healing with an artificial limb…but amazing things come to those who work their ASSES off and persevere!


People often ask me why is it that I keep riding after such a traumatic injury…My answer is simple! Its in my blood! Its in my families blood, and you can already see it in my childrens blood! It gives you something to look forward to each and every day, and in my mind this measures success when you can finally get back to your version of “normalcy” and do the things you love!